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3 Best Innovative Apps of 2013

Sometimes, boring old reality just isn’t good enough – so you need to augment it! While that might not be entirely true for every aspect of life, it’s part of the philosophy behind the wave of augmented reality apps that is breaking on the market – the ones that provide a solution to those ‘I wish I had the power to do this’ moments and add an extra dimension to your existence.

Not convinced? Then let’s have a quick round-up of the three most innovative apps of 2013 and see if we can change your mind.

1)    SpotCrime is an app that has your personal safety in mind. Maybe you want to know just how safe your community is or maybe you’re passing through an unfamiliar part of a town or city and just don’t like the look of it; SpotCrime gives you a criminal history of that area.

Using GPS technology to identify exactly where you are, this app displays recent crime activity in the area you specify, giving details of different crimes, such as arson, burglary, assault and vandalism. The other use for this piece of crime-fighting tech is for people moving to a new area. While the house you’re looking at might be ideal, you can give the streets a quick scan and find out whether or not the location is all that it’s cracked up to be.

2)    If you’ve got kids, then you’ve probably heard of Minecraft; the virtual construction game in which users spend hours building their own Empires. Think Online Lego and you’re halfway there. The Minecraft Reality app allows your budding architects to see how their creations would look against the backdrop of the real world. Upload your creation, point your phone at the place you want to see it in and – boom – Minecraft just got real!

3)    This is one we’re particularly excited about. The Guinness World Records book has bamboozled and astonished people for years. To coincide with the release of the 2014 edition, GWR have released an accompanying app that takes things to the next level.

This app is free; you simply download it and wave it over pages of the book to see certain sections come to life. While your kids might love the idea of taking control of the world’s largest dinosaur and watching it stomp all over the pages, you might be more interested in checking out video clips of some of the most exciting records or getting the whole family sat round your iPad to get a virtual view from the top of Mount Everest.

The Book of Guinness World Records has always been something for everyone and this super-fun app augments that reality, to give the records extra depth. There’s plenty of fun stuff too, like checking out how you’d look with the world’s largest beard or the world’s longest tongue. But for those who really want to know what goes on behind the scenes of a world record, there’s plenty of interesting virtual information.

So – what do you think? While augmented reality might not be on your radar just yet, it’s a sure-fire bet that it will be in the near future.

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