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Planning to Purchase a Laptop? Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages which you need to know !

Everything in the world has its pros and cons whether it be a machine, a device or a human being. It depends on how we handle and what we need. Similarly, there are various advantages and disadvantages of having a laptop.

There are various marques present in the market which produces best laptop brands. From that, we need to select the right one which will complete our task easily and fully without any problems. So, if you are planning to own a laptop, then this article is for you! As mentioned earlier, there are various factors which you need to note before purchasing a laptop and that includes its features, its advantages, and advantages, etc. In this article, we may discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a laptop.


Let’s discuss first some primary advantages of having a laptop and some are as follows:-


The major factor and the benefits of having a laptop are nothing but you can carry your laptop anywhere you wish to. You are not jailed in a particular area or a table, where the computer is placed. In fact, you are a free bird as you can seat anywhere you feel comfortable and work on the laptop. You no more need a proper computer table set for a table where you are supposed to place the computer. You can place your laptop anywhere and complete your task and even you can place on your lap as the name itself describes ‘lap’ in the word laptop.

Instant use

Whenever you need the help of a software, presentation or create any document, you can directly take out the laptop and use it instead of waiting to reach home and open the desktop computer. It is very easy to operate a laptop and can be easily switched on and off within seconds. You no more need to load or wait for the CPU to start as there is no parts being divided as all are situated in one.

Lower power consumption

If you need to operate a desktop computer you need to be connected with electricity till your work is done. At the same time, you are not attached to the socket or electricity for the whole time as it needs to be charged when the battery life is drained out. Otherwise, you are free from sockets and outlets. According to the manufacturer’s, laptops are highly efficient power efficient and only uses 10-30 W of electricity. It is more profitable to organizations and businesses where hundreds of laptops are used at a time. You cannot use the desktop computer when the electricity is not present and at the same time you can use a laptop even though there is no electricity but before that, you need to ensure that the battery life of the laptop is full.


There are various other advantages of owning a laptop. Now, let’s discuss some disadvantages of owning a laptop.


The durability of the laptop depends upon the way you use and care. Due to its high portability, laptops can face more wear and tear. As the laptop is highly portable, there are also chances of falling laptops from your hand and also chances of various damages. If in case it falls down then there ends the life of your laptop. So, it is necessary to handle your laptop with great care whether it may be a standard one or the best laptop brand. Due to ordinary usage, laptop components such as screen hinges, latches, and power jacks are prone to deteriorate gradually due to ordinary use.

Difficulty in customization

The laptop does not offer any option for customization according to one’s requirement. Other than hard drive and memory, you cannot upgrade the software or features. Components like processors, graphic cards, and cooling system are very difficult to access and replace due to which you need handle with care. There is a continuous up-gradation of technology which cannot be found or used in your earlier version. If you wish to use the new version then you need to purchase a new laptop which provides you with that features.…